Historic Information About Family: 

From Albany-Democrat Herald, 7-29-1980 – ” (Lee) Rohrbough knew many Jewish families. He used to deliver the newspaper to the ‘Brenner sister,’ who lived on Third Avenue. They often spoke of their ‘Uncle (Julius) Gradwhol,’ an Albany businessman. The sisters inherited property from their father, Benjamin, a merchant, and the uncle. Fannie died in 1965 and Lillie in 1973. Both are buried in the cemetery near their parents, their sisters and the uncle.”

Democrat – Friday 16 Aug, 1901, p.3:4 – Licence issued Julius L. Haas, prominent Portland merchant, Miss Alice Brenner, a popular native Albanian. Will live in Albany.  (from research notes of D. Froehlich)

Marker Information:

Benjamin Brenner 1833 – 1894

Relationship: Father


Sarah Brenner 1846 – 1927

Relationship: Mother


Benjamin and Sarah Brenner, marble marker on soft stone base. ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ markers flank this marker.


Fannie Brenner 1875 – 1965

Relationship: Daughter


Fannie Brenner Marker


Lillie Brenner 1879 – 1973

Relationship: Daughter

Lillie Brenner Marker


Alice E. Haas – 1868 – 1935,

Married to Julius L. Haas, prominent Portland merchant

Alice Haas Tombstone


Helena Brenner May 17th, – July 11, 1878

Relationship: Infant Daughter

Helena Brenner Marker